A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering. These techniques is generally known as recombinant DNA technology. Transgenic organisms are organisms which have inserted DNA that originated from a different species.

It is produced because some large multinational companies want to earn money. And these companies has been able to do this mainly because of how the patentlaws has been applied to living organisms. Politicians in many countries are embracing this new technology because the biotechindustry has managed to convince them that the GMO-products will benefit the human kind and that it is a safe technology.

One of the most used mantras from the biotech industry is that the changes made in a GMO is so small that it's virtually equal to the original organism. This claim is a lie. If the GMO was virtually equal then the GMO-producer would not be allowed to patent it.

Another mantra often used by the GMO-producers is that GMOs are safe to eat. This is just an undocumented allegation, and there are many independent scientific studies that indicate just the oposite.

One thing that we know, is that when the patented genes are released into the nature e.g. by beeing used in GM-crops in agriculture, then the GMO-producers are not able to prevent the patented genes to spread. This simple fact means that the GMO-industry and our politicians are destroying the natural biodiversity.

GMO released into nature are currently causing genetic pollution. This kind of pollution is not going to be easy to clean up. It will probably not be possible, ever, to remove the released patented genes after they have been released into nature.

Is this the kind of industry we want?
Is this sustainable development?
What effect will this have on biodiversity?

This kind of genetic pollution is the reason number one why GMO should be banned world wide.

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