When patented genes spread from GM crops to conventional and organic crops in the U.S. and Canada, it is the farmers that end up as being the one to blame. When the GMO industry discover that their patented genes has spread to conventional or organic crops then they do not wait long before they send demands to the farmer that he has to pay for the use of their 'technology'. If the farmer refuse to pay, then most of the time the result is that the farmer is sued by the GMO industry and long costly rounds in the court. Most of the farmers give in to a huge mental and economic pressure. Percy Schmeiser refused to give up the battle against injustice.

Percy Schmeiser - David Versus Monsanto


Below is a recording from one of Percy Schmeiser's talks

Percy Schmeiser - Part 1


Percy Schmeiser - Part 2


Percy Schmeiser - Part 3

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