Some of you readers might know that the use of most GMO in agriculture result in genetic pollution. GM-crops and conventional crops cannot coexist simply because the GM-crops will over time crosspollinate with the conventional crops.

So have the GMO-producers managed to develop seeds which destroy biodiversity even more?
Say hello to TERMINATOR seeds.

What are TERMINATOR seeds?
These seeds produce plant which you can harvest, but it does not produce new seeds which you laiter can use to produce another crop. In other words, these seeds only last one generation. No more seeds available to use by the farmer in the next years crop season.

What is the result of using TERMINATOR seeds?
The biotech-industry is in total control of the food supply, and the farmer will allways have to buy new seeds from the biotech-industry each new crop season.

In other words:
TERMINATOR seeds is end of life!
The plant is unable to reproduce itself.

A TERMINATOR horror story

On June 11. 2010, Food Freedom reported that Monsanto and USAID had donated 475 tons of TERMINATOR corn and vegetable seeds to Haiti. "None of the crops would produce viable seeds for future plantings and all require massive chemical inputs".

What kind of aid is this anyway?
Is this the future of agriculture?
This only show how wrong it can go when we allow patent of life!

There is only one word for this: TERMINATOR AID

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