Norway has a long experience with genetic pollution. Our fishfarm industry is the reason why houndreds of thousands (if not millions) of farmed salmon has escaped. These farmed salmon then swim up our rivers and mix their eggs and semen with the wild salmon. February 2010, Kurt W. Oddekalv, the leader of the Green Warriors, exposed another dark side of the fishfarm industry. Say hello to the parrot cod. These farmed cod got their nickname after thousands of farmed cod had escaped a fishfarm in the fjord of Trondheim. Many of these farmed cod's had deformed head and mouth. The name frankenstein fish would have been even more descriptive. These frankenfish are able to mate with the wild cod, thereby causing an ecological disaster.

Now, many countries are starting to use GMOs in their agricultural crops. Despite worrying studies made by independent scientists about the potential healthrisk when consuming some types of GMO, many politicians and scientists now publish undocumented allegations about the benefits of using genetically modified crops.

In all of these countries an ecological disaster is unfolding. The patented genes from the GMO-industry are currently spreading to conventional crops. Neither the GMO-industry or the GMO-farmer are able to prevent this from happening.

Why is this happening?

Firstly, because some multinational companies want to earn fast money.

Secondly, because irresponsible scientists for nearly two decades now has published numerous lies about the nature of GMO. Some scientists have over and over again repeated that GMOs are not significantly different from their conventional organisms. The U.S. FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) managed to produce the most incredible classification of GMO, ever. They classified GMO as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), and therefore FDA does not have to safety-test the GMO-products before they are released into the world.
This classification was nothing else than a political decision (read about it here).

Thirdly, because our politicians believed the GMO-industry and the scientists.

Who is going to clean up the genetic pollution?

Nobody. Because we are talking about living organisms, it is pretty much an impossible task.

The Ministry Of Fishery and Coastal Affairs
A great deal of damage is allready done. The only way to save a healthy future wild salmon and cod stock is to move the industry into closed facilities on land.

Who is to blame?

The GMO-industry! They knew this would happen. They should clean up the mess! Oooops.... they cannot clean up the mess!

The Ministry Of Fishery and Coastal Affairs
The Ministry Of The Environment


Colorized pollen: Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility | Colorization: William Crochot

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