The most thoroughly toxicological feeding study with GMO-corn NK603 and the herbicide Roundup show that rats develop cancer and severe problems with kidney and liver. The results from this study which where published 19. september 2012 sent shockwaves through the GMO-industry, science communities and regulatory authorities around the world. Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini and his research team has been feeding rats with GMO-corn NK603 (both sprayed with the herbicide Roundup and not), as well as giving the rats only Roundup via their drinking water. The results from the study show that both GMO and Roundup can be highly dangerous for the health.



Shortly after the results from this study was published, it did not take long for the propaganda puppets representing the GMO-industry to try to discredit everything related to this study. The reaction from the propaganda-machinery of the GMO-industry is not a surprice. That is just business as usual.

The most worrying though is the fact that regulatory authorities in many countries does not seem to acknowledge how important the results from this study actually are. To this date we have been made to believe the hype and propaganda from the GMO-industry that these GMO-plants used in food and fodder is just as safe as conventional food. And our regulatory bodies has done exactly as the GMO-industry has wanted them to do.

Today a huge number of people are actually eating this frankenfood. I Europe, USA and many other countries, mothers are giving this food to their babies. And our regulatory bodies tell us over and over that there is nothing to worry about. How can they know what they are talking about. The risk assessments on GMOs can best be described as fraud. The reason is this: How can we trust the risk assessments when the data submitted to the regulatory authorities such as EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and the U.S. FDA is based on crappy science? The data from the GMO-industry does not get better if you hire more people to assess the data, or if they claim that they have improved the routines for their risk assessments.

So what is the foundation for all the risk assessments on GMOs today. According to this interesting lecture by professor Seralini, nothing else than crappy science:
GMO Risk Assessments Based on Bad Science - You the Guinea Pig

You should also see this revealing new documentary movie about GMO:
Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of Our lives

What this study show us, more than ever before, is that we should not allow our regulatory authorities to use data submitted from the industry to be used as basis for the risk assessments. What we need is that independent long term studies are the foundation for all risk assessments. This study also show us that we should ban all the GMOs currently on the market. There is no need to allow these GMO-products for food and feed just because the industry want it to be so. Is the bank account of a few multinational firms more important than the health of people and animals? More important than the environment?

Here is a part of a documentary movie from this study:


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