The danish newspaper Jyllands-posten, reported January 24. 2011 that alarming quantities of Roundup and other toxic chemicals, have been detected in the danish groundwater. The manufacturer of the herbicide Roundup once claimed (according to the article in Jyllands-posten) that this poision would never end up in the groundwater. That is excactly what has happened. Here is a statement from Carl-Emil Larsen, the director of the Danish Water and Wastwater Association (DANVA): "We can not continue to deliver clean, untreated drinking water, unless we do something about the consumption of pesticides".

According to Carl-Emil Larsen the control with the use of pesticides has failed. He also says: "We have a system where pesticides must be approved - and where you can approve only those that do not end up in our aquatic environment. The system has failed, because we find allmost all the pesticides that are currently approved in our drinking water".

The danish minister of the environment, Karen Ellemann, acknowledges that there is a problem with the drinking water.


Water dev: Böhringer Friedrich

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