Masters in Animal Breeding and Genetics (University of California), Sagari R. Ramdas, also a trained veterinarian has written a very worrying letter to the Ministry of Environment and Forests in New Delhi, regarding strong indications that Bt cotton are linked to deaths and sickness of animals in India. Studies and field observations in Andhra Pradesh and other states in India show that sheep, goats, cattle and buffalo populations exhibit morbidity and mortality after continuous and cumulative exposure to Bt Cotton (leaves, bolls, seeds, seed-cake). Similar observations have now been done over several successive years, with the first reports occurring in 2004-2005, about 2 years after the commercial release of Bt cotton in India.

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According to this letter, the post-mortemed sheep/goat show similar histo-pathological lesions in liver, kidneys and liver as those recorded in Monsanto's own dossier of Mon 863 (Bt corn) of 90-day rat feeding studies, subsequently revealed by Pusztai on behalf of the German government and laiter also confirmed by Seralini et al (2007) after many statistical studies. Other studies by different researchers where rats where fed Bt corn also revealed damage to liver and kidneys.

This letter also refer to a season-long study on Bt cotton and sheep, performed in 2007 by Sri Venkateshwara Veterinary University. This study detected Bt toxin in the rumen liquor of the sheep, which indicates that th Bt insecticide is not really digested by the sheep. This again indicates that the Cry1Ac protein is not very rapidly degraded as claimed by some scientists.

(Now, if you connect this information with the fact that the transgenes in the GMO plants spread to conventional plants and thereby destroy the foundation for organic farming, and that transgenes in GMO have been shown to be highly unstable which not only put the human/animal health and the environment at risk, but probably invalidate the GMO patents as well. What do you get of this: Nothing less than a genetic molotov coctail. More information about these issue here: Why genetically modified organisms (GMO) should be prohibited.)

Read the full letter over at GMWatch:
Bt cotton and livestock deaths: Letter from Sagari R Ramdas to environment minister


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