What if we had access to a technology which made it possible to produce clean and cheap energy in abundance, but without the problems related to the old fashioned nuclear energy, oil and coal?

According to the ECAT Internet portal, some italian scientists have cracked the cold fusion riddle. Say hello to LENR (Low Engergy Nuclear Reaction).

From the ECAT technology page we can read:

The ECAT will revolutionize energy production as we know it. The energy generated by an ECAT has the following features:

  • High Energy Density Fuel (200 000 times oil)
  • Low Fuel Costs (1kg Ni has energy equivalence of 200 000 kg oil)
  • Low Operation and Maintenance Costs (the modular design admits minimal maintanence)
  • Minimal Fuel Transport Cost (only 2 refuelings/year under continous run)
  • Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • Zero Noise (only noise from auxilliary products <50dB)

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