In 1913 the congress of the United States approved a bill which resulted in a lot of negative consequenses for the national and private economy. In short: It was decided that a privately owned cartel of banks should have the responsibility of the money-printing process. That was not all, the same cartel could now demand interest from the money they printet.

What most people are not aware of, is that before this point in time, the state had in fact printed it's own money and borrowed the same money, interest-free, to various projects. Actually with great success.

Now more than 100 years after this event, we still use the very same economic principles.

So what is the problem? There are of course several issues with the current system. The main problem is that the state (and thus the people) have to pay interest for every new money that come into existense.

To make it simple to understand where the problem lies, we can look at one example. Let say you want to buy a house. That house cost USD 300 000. In order to get the loan, you have to pay interest to the bank. Now, what if you had the oppurtunity to get the same loan interest-free? Which loan would you prefer? The one with interest, or the loan without interest?

More about the banking cartel

The Federal Reserve Is at the Heart of the Debt Enslavement System that Dominates our Lives

Because of the huge mistake back in 1913, the state now pay interest for the money the privately owned cartel makes into existence. They do not need to do this. There is no sane reason why the nation could not print it's own money interest-free. The only reason for the existing system is because some of the most powerful men met in secret in Jecyll Island back in 1910. These men wrote a paper, which later made it's way to the congress in 1913 (with minor changes). It sound like a conspiracy theory, doesn't it? Wel, in fact it was a conspiracy, and it is well documented. One of the participants of that secret meeting on Jecyll Island has written about what happened. The article is now available here: From Farm Boy to Financier, The Saturday Evening Post, february 9, 1935.

So why continue with this utterly irresponsible way of making money? Is there not another way of doing it, a way which would not contribute to this continous robbery of the peoples money?

Bill Still has the answer and the solution:

    1. Nations should print it's own money.
    2. Nations should borrow money interest-free to various projects.
    3. The printed money does not need any security in the form of e.g. gold.

Still not convinced? Why not listen to what Bill Still have to say about this?

Here is the documentary from Bill Still:

The Secret of Oz


Bill Still has also written a very good book on the subject:

No More National Debt


Other people have also described the absurdity with such an economic system:

The crime of the Canadian banking system


Here is a lecture by Edvard Griffin, which describe the well documented conspiracy that lead to the creation of Federal reserve:

Second Look at the Federal Reserve by Edward Griffin (1 of 7)

Here is the other parts from Griffin's lecture:
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If you doubt the information presented by Edvard Griffin, you should be aware of the fact that one of the persons that took part in the conspiracy, has revealed what caused the creation of Fed, who initiated it, and where the conspiracy originally took place. The article titled From Farm Boy to Financier, was written by Frank A. Vanderlip and originally printed in The Saturday Evening Post, february 9. 1935, and can still be read here: From Farm Boy to Financier.



Here is another good documentary which look at how money come into existence, and who is behind the biggest scam in the history of mankind:

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money


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