You can contribute to a cleaner environment in several ways

  • Donate money to us

    You can do this in several ways:

    • Use the donate button on this site.
      You decide the amount of the donation.

    • Or buy items through this site
      We get percentage of what you buy if you use the links on our site
      Currently we links to Amazon books from our book reviews

    • Or you can order web development from the following site:
      Pixel Dialog is the owner of this site

    • There will also be another way to support us.
      More information about this will be available sooner or laiter.

  • Become a volunteer

    We want to connect to people that want to write articles for this site.
    We accept articles within many different themes. You could write about environment, books, music, gadgets, hiking, photography, climbing, golf, scuba-diving, travel, knitting, food, training, drawing, painting and many other themes.

    What you eventually write will have to be approved by us before it is published.
    We accept articles in english and norwegian.
    We do not pay anything for published articles.
  • Engage yourself, be critical