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When our country's authorities is performing risk assessments of products which potentially may cause damage to our health and the environment, who exactly are these risk assessments for? Are they done in order to protect our health and our environment, or is it to make it easier for the industry to get their products on the market?

Within some areas our authorities have shown that they do not do their regulatory tasks properly. In our country there is many examples of products that is allowed sold without having undergone independent, long-term and thorough tests.

The result is that we have been guinea pigs for many multinational companies. Companies which only has one goal - to earn as much money as possible.

We would like to show you how our regulatory authorities, in cooperation with scientists, are about to disregard the use of the "precautionary principle" and independent research. Many risk assessments today is based on studies done by the manufacturer. This means that it is up the the manufacturer to decide if a product is harmful for our health and the enviroment. The history has repeatedly shown us that risk assessments done by the manufacturer very often are designed in such way that they would not result in usable data. And often then manufacturer has withheld vital information.

We have information which indicates that many of todays risk assessments does not hold a high enough standard, and that the regulatory authorities have to much confidence in the risk assessments made by the manufacturers.


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