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How are genetically engineered crops (GMO) affecting food?

Published: 19.09.2011
Written by Tore B. Krudtaa

Your Call, a U.S. based radio show discuss what GMO is all about. This was aired 15. september 2011. Participants are: Rose Aguilar from Your Call, Ignacio Chapela, associate professor of microbial ecology at UC Berkeley, Eric Holt-Gimenez, executive director of Food First and author of "Food Rebellions! Crisis and the Hunger for Justice", Mike Ludwig, Truthout reporter who covers the biotech industry, and Jim Gerritsen, organic seed farmer in northern Maine and one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Monsanto.

Here is a link to the sound file (MP3)

Here is a link to the show on the Your Call website

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