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The Monsanto Papers - a documentary about fraudulent science, Roundup and cancer

The company Monsanto has for many years won many farmers hart by spreading disinformation and corrupt science. For years they have been spreading information about how safe Roundup and glyphosate should be. Recently a court case in the USA reveal information that might expose the fraudulant Monsanto science for what it really is. Time will show if Monsanto (now Bayer) manage to control the outcome of the ongoing court case - or if justice will prevail. One of the underlying serious issues here, which explain why these toxic products is allowed on the market, is the corrupt regulatory systems which exist in most western countries. Where the companies themselves (such as Monsanto and Bayer) produce the science which the regulatory bodies then use as basis for risk assessing the products from the very same companies. As if Monsanto (or Bayer, or any other company) ever would allow studies which show their product to be dangerous for health and the environment - to be published. We need a completely new risk assessment paradigm. If not, the history will just repeat itself. See the revealing documentary - and please spread the information on social media and blogposts.

The Monsanto Papers - from Australian ABC TV

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From DDT to Roundup - Rachel Carson, we need you again

Something is wrong when companies which produce some of the worlds most toxic chemicals, claim that the very same chemicals is supposed to contribute to the food production in the world. Here is a short documentary which looks closer at this paradox, as well as how we humans often is tricked into believing in the illusion that toxic chemicals are good for us.

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Seeds of Death - Unveiling The Lies of GMO's

What is the truth about those GMO's? The GMO-industry and several official bodies around the world claim that GM-food is just as safe as konventional food. How is it then that independent studies show that there is something seriously wrong with many of the GM-foods. Here is the unfiltered truth about the GMO's.

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Bitter Seeds

This documentary show how high tech agriculture destroy the livelihood of farmers in India. Big companies buy seed companies in India and then promote the use of GM seeds. In many areas in India it is no longer possible to get access to conventional seeds. Because of this the farmers are pushed into buying GM seeds. Seeds which cost more and require more input than the conventional seeds. The farmer then has to lend money in order to buy seeds, fertilizer and pesticides. If the crop fails, which it often does, then his land is in the hand of the company or person that lended him the money.

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Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of Our Lives

Jeffrey Smith has finally created a documentary about GMO.

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GMO Risk Assessments Based on Bad Science - You the Guinea Pig

This lecture by prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini (CRIIGEN) address a very important fact about the risk assessments done on previous and current genetically modified plants used in agriculture to produce food and feed (produced by the major player in the GMO-industry). The bottom line is that all the GMO risk assessments are all based on bad science. In short (according to prof. Seralini): In order to find statistical findings important (from feeding studies) they say they need a similarity between both sexes.... they say they need a proportional effect. They also said they have interpreted the data this way the last 50 years (GMO, chemicals, pesticides, and drugs). 

According to prof. Seralini, it is not possible to expect proportional statistical data between the sexes simply because there is a diiference between the sexes before the feeding studies begin. Another important issue here is that none of the feeding trials by the producer is longer than 3 months. This is not long enough to find chronical and reproductive health issues.

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Dr. Huber on how Glyphosate and GMO destroy soil quality - affecting health of plants, animals and humans

If nothing to this date have convinced our regulatory bodies which have approved the use of Glyphosate based herbicides (e.g. Roundup) as well as other chemicals used in agriculture which immobilize nutrients vital to life, and GMO's resistant to glyphosate, then this revealing interview with Dr. Huber should guide our regulatory bodies to ban all use of the before mentioned products, untill longterm independent studies prove him wrong.

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Seeds of Freedom

This documentary is about how multinational companies is getting more and more control over the seeds used in agriculture, and what kind of negative consequences this has for food production, food security and social structures. And how this result in loss in biodiversity.

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GMO spread to organic crops and affects social structures

Here Rosa Binimelis explains the GM situation in Spain. Patented genes from GM crops spread uncontrolled to conventional and organic crops. What does this mean for the affected farmers? Rosa Binimelis here focus on an issue which has gotten very little focus in the media. How genetic pollution affects social structures among farmers in Spain.

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Environmental effects of insect resistant GMO plants

Independent science now show that pests quickly develop resistance against toxic proteins produced by some GM plants. When first introduced to the market, the farmers where told that these new GM plants should result in less use of pesticides. Now after years of planting these toxic GM food plants several conventional farmers in various countries experience that they have to apply pesticides again. Not only do this mean that more toxic substances end up in the environment, water, air and food, but it mean that the allegations from the GMO industry does not hold water.

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WikiLeaks Cables Reveal U.S. Sought to Retaliate Against Europe over Monsanto GM Crops

Why is it that EU has started to allow more and more GMO-crops and have allowed 38 different GMO-plants to be consumed by several European countries? This video describes pretty well what kind of dirty game the american and european diplomats and politicians play behind closed doors.

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How are genetically engineered crops (GMO) affecting food?

Your Call, a U.S. based radio show discuss what GMO is all about. This was aired 15. september 2011. Participants are: Rose Aguilar from Your Call, Ignacio Chapela, associate professor of microbial ecology at UC Berkeley, Eric Holt-Gimenez, executive director of Food First and author of "Food Rebellions! Crisis and the Hunger for Justice", Mike Ludwig, Truthout reporter who covers the biotech industry, and Jim Gerritsen, organic seed farmer in northern Maine and one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Monsanto.

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Codex Alimentarius

Important to know about Codex Alimentarius. Codex Alimentarius is United Nations (UN), WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) way of making sure the industry get more protected and that you the consumer get food with more toxins and less nutrients. It has everything to do with international trade and nothing to do with food safety.

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Dr. Huber Explains Science Behind New Organism and Threat from Roundup herbicide, GMOs to Disease and Infertility

Dr. Don Huber, Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology, Purdue University on discovery of new pathogen and crop disease, livestock infertility and threats to U.S. food and agriculture.

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Just Say No to GMO - Music video

Listen and watch this music video about GMO. In a few minutes you will get some vital information about the history of GM food as well as why you might want to avoid anything related to genetically modified food.

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Genetically modified food - NOT needed to ensure food supply

This is a talk about the GMO situation in India, and the world. It was held at a debate arranged by The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, titled "Genetically modified food - needed to ensure world food supply?", on the 22. November 2010. In short: In relation to GM crops the GMO-industry has failed big time. The solution is sustainable agriculture without chemicals and GMOs. These are the words from Devinder Sharma (journalist, researcher and political analyst) which actually has some vital information to share.

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The Conversation with Deepak Chopra - Food Safety - GMO

Deepak Chopra engage himself in the the ongoing debate whether genetically modified organisms have anything to contribute in relation to food security and food production. What is the point in risk assessing GM plants for eventual use in food and feed, when practically all of todays GM plants only result in more use of toxic chemicals and/or proteins. Add to this that patent on life only enhance the current path towards monocultures. Why should we allow the use of a technology that nobody are able to control. Neither the GMO industry nor the GMO farmer or the scientists which want more use of GM crops, are able to prevent patented genes from spreading to conventional and organic crops.

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Percy Schmeiser - David versus Monsanto

When patented genes spread from GM crops to conventional and organic crops in the U.S. and Canada, it is the farmers that end up as being the one to blame. When the GMO industry discover that their patented genes has spread to conventional or organic crops then they do not wait long before they send demands to the farmer that he has to pay for the use of their 'technology'. If the farmer refuse to pay, then most of the time the result is that the farmer is sued by the GMO industry and long costly rounds in the court. Most of the farmers give in to a huge mental and economic pressure. Percy Schmeiser refused to give up the battle against injustice.

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Great American Food Experiment

In this intervju with Jeffrey Smith, we get informed about how U.S. politicians consciously made it so that the GMO industry got it so that they could get their genetically modified products accepted without any independent and long term testing. The result is that the whole U.S. population is functioning as laboratory rats for the GMO industry. Despite the fact that numerous independent reviews and studies strongly indicates that there is severe risk for both the environment and the human and animal health.

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The World According To Monsanto

The World According to Monsanto, by Marie Monique-Robin, is a very informative documentary about how one of the giants within production of toxic chemicals for agriculture, for several decades withheld vital information about their products. As a direct consequence of this dirty corporate policy it has resulted in lots of damage to environment and health. Now this corporate giant is world leading in producing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). There is lots of strong indications that the history is about to repeat itself. This time it might not even be possible to clean up. How do you call back packages of patented genes which has allready spread to related species and microorganisms in the soil?

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Work Against Tree Monocultures

Today the GMO industry release genetically modified trees in several countries. This happens despite the fact that both the GMO industry and each of these countries authorities know that there is a huge risk that the patented genes are spread to other organisms.

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Silent Forest

Why has politicians in several countries allowed farmers and GMO scientists to use living genetically modified organisms outside closed laboratories? Neither the GMO industry, the GMO farmer or the GMO scientist are able to prevent patented genes from spreading to microorganisms in the earth, to conventional and organic plants and to related species. Some GM plants are genetically modified in such way that the plant itself produce toxic proteins in all parts of the plant. Toxic proteins which are ment to kill target pests. Independent science show that many other insects and animals are affected. See this video which point at some worrying issues with the use of GM plants.

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Scientists under Attack - Genetic Engineering in the magnetic Field of Money

Scientists under Attack - Genetic Engineering in the magnetic Field of Money - Trailer
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The Poison Of The Pampas

Why is it that regulative authorities in Europe and Norway still allow the use of Roundup and other Glyphosate based herbicides? Take a look at this interesting video which look into several negative effects of the widespread use of Roundup and Glyphosate.

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The Future Of Food

Is GM food really the solution in relation to improved foodsecurity on this planet? Is the use of toxic chemicals and fertilizers a benefit to the agriculture? Vandana Shiva ask some important questions in relation to these issues and has some answers as well.

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