Monsanto and the other GMO-producers, as well as many scientists and politicians have for many years now tried to convince us that the use of GMO in agriculture will solve the world's alleged food crisis, and that they are able to develop new traits for different kind of crops which will benefit the world population.

What these GMO-producers does not tell you, is that GM-crops cannot coexist with conventional crops.

The reason for this is that the patented genes from Monsanto and the other GMO-producers may spred to conventional crops via crosspollination, wind, bees, birds, animals and transportation. There is nothing a farmer can do to prevent this from happening.

This means that the use of GMO is an enormous threat to the biodiversity. In Canada conventional farmers quickly realized that it was practically impossible to grow conventional crops, due to the fact that the GMO-producers are not able to control the patented genes.

The use of genetically modified corn (GM-corn) in Spain has resulted in disaster for the ecological farmers. PhD Rosa Binimelis from Spain says that the use of GM-corn in Aragon and Catalonia has resulted in a decrease of production of ecological corn with 75% and 95% respectively.

Independent research has also shown that the patented genes may spread to species related to the CM-crops.

Another important thing the GMO-producers do not tell you is that they do not fully understand how genes work within the DNA of a living organism.

The result of this is that when the GMO-producer take a gene from one organism and transfer it to another, in order to add a new trait, then these patented genes may at some time result in other traits beeing expressed. What kind of traits this is, is practically impossible for the GMO-producer to predict. When GM-crops crosspollinate with conventional crops, then the resulting crops may not longer look like a normal plant. This effect has been observed in Mexicos native corn and exposed in a documentary produced by Marie-Monique Robin, we could se examples of corn which where physically changed because the patented genes had managed to move into conventional corn crops.

So what does this information mean?

It means that the biotech industry has released patented genes into the environment which they are unable to control.

It is time that the officials from various countries wake up and digest this simple information.
It is time to ban the use of GMO, outside closed laboratories, world wide.
It is time to reevaluate the patent laws which make it possible for someone to patent life.

Do you find this information hard to belive?

Take a look at this part of the documentary "The World According To Monsanto" by Marie-Monique Robin to see how the patented genes destroy native corn crops in Mexico:
(The whole documentary can be seen further down on this page.)


So what about food safety?

The US FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) came up with this incredibly irresponsible classification for GMO:
Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) which means that US FDA require no testing of GMO.

Today US FDA blindly believe the safety studies made by the GMO-producers.

See and listen to this invervju with Jeffrey M. Smith, one of the leading experts of the dangers of GMO:


Here is another interesting documentary: GMO Poision on the platter





See the whole documentary "The World According To Monsanto" by Marie-Monique Robin:











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