Excerpts: "For whatever reason, dead and deformed piglets are a problem in all pig farming situations where GM soy is used in the diet. Mr Pedersen is convinced that this is connected to the residues of glyphosate that are allowed in feed within the EU

-- 20 ppm in corn and soybean. He says that residues have been measured at 17 ppm in soybean meal, and that the permitted level of tolerance has been fixed at the behest of the GM industry. In Argentina, he says, farmers typically spray 4 litres of Roundup in growing 1 tonne of GM soybeans. GMO crops are typically sprayed 2 times with Roundup in the growing season. Argentina is a major supplier of GM soy into the European market."

Read the full story here: GM-Soy linked to health damage in pigs - Danish Dossier

Full report was published by GM-Free Cymru on April 27th 2012.
The material in the full report is freely available for use under the normal terms of the Creative Commons license. If you repost the full report or parts of the report, then you should also inform that this information was produced by GM-Free Cymru.


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