The Institute for Responsible Technology has published a report describing the various health risks of GM foods. Whether you are for or against the use of GMO, I recommend that you take a look at it. Here we give you the headlines, and the link to the full report:
The FDA's "Non-Regulation" of GM Foods
The FDA covers up health risks
GMOs are inherently unsafe
GM diet shows toxic reactions in the digestive tract
GM diets cause liver damage
GM fed animals had higher death rates and organ damage
Reproductive failures and infant mortality
Farmers Report livestock sterility and deaths
GM crops trigger immune reactions and may cause allergies
Bt-toxin, produced in GM corn and cotton, may cause allergies

Government evaluations miss most health problems
The FDA's fake safety assessments
Company research is secret, inadequate, and flawed
Unscientific assumptions are the basis of approvals
Studies are rigged to avoid finding problems
Roundup ready soybeans: Case study of flawed research
Toxic GM foods could have been approved
Rampant, unrelenting industry bias
Promoting and Regulating don't mix
Manipulation of public opinion
Critics and independent scientists are attacked
We're the guinea pigs

Full report here: State-of-the-Science on the Health Risks of GM Foods

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